Motivational & Structural 

Personal Fitness Training 

Geoffrey Hill, CEO

AAFA Licensed

AHA Certified

Led Physical Fitness Training and was responsible for Physical Fitness results for our Marine platoon in Cuba.

Also developed and led the Remedial Physical Fitness Training programs for the entire Marine Company in Cuba.


Although the Marine training was obviously very intense, many of my work outs today are a wide spectrum from intense weights and sprints to very casual nature walks as well as reading on the treadmill at a slow and steady walking pace. 

These nature walk breaks throughout my financial advisory career have actually had a tremendous effect on my overall success.  I strongly believe that these walks have made my mind stronger, and there is evidence that supports this below.  

I would very much enjoy the opportunity to train with you, and help in any way that I can, at any pace in many different capacities.

If it’s something you enjoy enough to continue doing, then that’s the right foundational exercise for you, as long as it’s within a safe and sustainable range.

Our Training sessions will be customized and designed to give you both physical and intellectual benefits, for both your heart and your mind.

“At the most basic level, exercise brings oxygen and glucose into the brain.  Think of glucose as the brain’s main fuel source and oxygen as the means of ignition.  During a session of cardiovascular exercise…blood circulation speeds up and the lungs soak up a higher volume of oxygen from the air…Regular workouts can increase the capacity of capillaries serving the brain so there is better blood flow and oxygen uptake all of the time, not just when you’re working up a sweat.”


“Exercise is especially useful for helping your brain stay in good working order as you age.”


“Even something as basic as enjoying a hobby has been shown to delay or prevent memory loss.”

The Winner’s Brain”, Brown & Fenske, pgs. 176-180.

The body is often compared to a machine which requires fuel or energy to keep going.  However, the analogy between the body and the combustion engine cannot be pushed too far.  In many ways the living organism differs radically from the non-living machine.

"Marine Corps Institute, basic nutrition", MCI 33.16e.


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